PAL is delighted to report that, thanks to a generous grant of £2,000 from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the ground-breaking “Young Palestinians for Animal Rights” programme will continue into 2016.

The programme sees student mentors support schoolchildren in the development of child-led projects to solve animal welfare problems in their own communities. In 2015, 52 student volunteers were trained by the PAL team in leadership skills as well as being given the opportunity to take part in workshops surrounding concepts of animal rights, welfare and campaigning. Those students went on to engage with 14 schools across the West Bank and worked with over 280 schoolchildren in a diverse range of projects; from vegan outreach, to using theatre and art to deliver important messages to their peers about the importance of animal welfare.

Palestinian Animal League Open Day, Ramallah

UK Director of IFAW, Philip Mansbridge, said:
“IFAW chose to support PAL for a simple reason – they are a small group doing a great deal of good in a very difficult environment for animal welfare. The group makes use of volunteers and resources wisely to help improve the lives of animals. PAL works in many ways that reflect IFAW’s key approaches to animal welfare; like involving local people and driving change from within communities, focusing on education and outreach programmes and working with all stakeholders to find practical solutions. We wish PAL every success in their vital animal welfare work.”

Executive Director of PAL, Ahmad Safi, said:
“We are extremely grateful for the support of IFAW in this important project. As a small, grassroots group with limited resources, this money will have a significant impact on the programme and guarantees our ability to work with hundreds more young people next year. Palestine has a growing animal protection movement and we know that, by fostering understanding and compassion for animals within the younger generation, our work has a long and bright future”.

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