Street dogs in Palestine have, for many years, been targeted by lethal control; causing pain, suffering and death to these innocent animals. Lateef can be sure that he will not suffer the same fate as he became the very first dog to be castrated and vaccinated as part of PAL’s TNVR scheme. From now on, only humane population control will be used in the Palestinian city of Tulkarm. Here were chart Lateef’s story.

In February 2015, PAL, in conjunction with Al Najah University, launched Palestine’s first locally-run spay and neuter (TNVR) programme for street dogs.  Named “Lateef” (which means “Gentle” in Arabic) by our team, our first patient did incredibly well. 240 dogs will be neutered and vaccinated as part of this pilot programme, which was generously funded by Dogs Trust. Find out more about the scheme here.

The PAL team set the dog traps in an area where dogs are regularly sighted in Tulkarm, Palestine.

The volunteer vet team put further traps in place.

Lateef is the, somewhat reluctant, first dog to be trapped as part of the programme. The PAL team knew that it was important to reassure him and build trust.

Everyone moves out of the custom-built recovery suite to allow lead vet, Dr Belal, to spend some time with Lateef, before transferring him to his overnight kennel, ready for surgery the next morning.

Lateef remains calm as he awaits his surgery and vaccinations.

Lateef is prepped and ready for surgery, the procedure is simple and quick, and will ensure that Lateef does not sire any more puppies; thus helping to reduce the street dog population in Palestine.


During surgery, carried out by lead vet, Dr Belal, final year vet students learn how the procedure is carried out. This will allow them to take these new-found skills into private practice upon graduation. Lateef is also vaccinated and given a health check.

While Lateef is under anaesthetic, he has an ear tag applied which will identify him as having been treated as part of the scheme.

The distinctive “PAL 1” tag is given to Lateef. Lateef is then moved to recovery, where he will remain for 24-48 hours, while the team keeps an eye on him.

Lateef is calm and friendly after his surgery. After a short recovery period, he is deemed fit for release.

Lateef is taken by the PAL team back to the area in which he was trapped.

Free once more!

The PAL team monitor Lateef to ensure that he is moving well and does not show signs of pain or discomfort. He looks healthy and happy as he disappears off into the sunshine.

Photos: Klaus Petrus/PAL (Special thanks to Network for Animal Protection for supporting the documenting of the programme)

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