To: Lilianne Plouman, Dutch Minister of Trade and Sharon Dijksma, Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Dutch Government take immediate steps to ban the export of trained “attack dogs” to Israel in the interests of both human rights and animal protection. Dogs exported from your country are reported to have been used during attacks on Palestinians over a number of years. This not only places the people and dogs involved in unacceptably dangerous situations, potentially violating human rights, but also has a wider impact on animal welfare in Palestinian society.

The distorted and violent image of dogs which has been created by their cruel use as weapons against Palestinian citizens by the occupying forces has a serious impact on the way in which Palestinian civil society views and treats dogs; particularly stray populations, who are subject to lethal control. While dogs continue to be used and presented as a source of fear, pain and injury to Palestinian citizens, the abuse, injury and killing of dogs will inevitably continue.

In the interests of both human rights and animal protection, we implore to end your complicity in this cruel trade.

Yours Sincerely