This time last year, Executive Director of PAL, Ahmad, visited the UK on the organisation’s first international awareness-raising tour. Visiting major UK cities and giving public presentations about PAL’s work for people and animals, plus meeting with leading animal protection groups, it was an exhausting but hugely beneficial trip for our small organisation.

IMG_5190Contacts and partnerships were made during the UK trip which led to firm working relationships and significant support (both from the public and other organisations) for PAL’s vital work in the occupied territories. Projects which are now up and running, such as the first spay and neuter programme for street dogs and our horse welfare project, were made possible only thanks to work carried out in the UK last January.

For 2016, the team have been invited to visit Europe again; this time carrying out a more ambitious trip which will see us visiting Poland, Switzerland, Italy and France in order to foster support for PAL’s work in mainland Europe. We would love to take the opportunity which has been offered to us and are confident that this year’s trip will be an even bigger success than that of 2015. In order to make it happen, though, we need to ask for your help.

Last year’s trip was funded in full by kind donations made by our supporters and this year we are asking for your generous support again. We have come so far in the last twelve months and we would love the chance to continue working on an international level to raise awareness, form new alliances, and seek new funding opportunities.

We have eight weeks in which to raise the £1,500 to make the 2016 trip a reality. If you are able to support us with a donation via our crowdfunding page, then you will not only be helping to ensure that the trip happens, but if you pledge over £10, you will also receive a gift from us as a reward.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

PAL Poster 2016