During the first two weeks of November, a series of events was carried out in Spain to benefit PAL. The events were the brainchild of PAL’s new Spanish representative, Frasco Fernández, who visited Palestine and met with the PAL team earlier this year. Having been inspired by the work being carried out by the team, Frasco committed to spreading the word about PAL on his return home. And he didn’t disappoint!


20161104-conferencia-pal-12Engaging with local activists from all over Spain and the Basque Country, Frasco organised a speaking tour for Programme Manager, Liz, as well as several benefit events in support of PAL, with the finale taking place on Sunday 14th November as a day-long music festival was held in Madrid. Raising over €1,500 euros in total and allowing our team to connect with thousands of new supporters, both via public events and various press and radio interviews, the trip was a great success.


Visiting Gijon, Donostia, Madrid and Valencia, Liz said:

It was a truly incredible week and it was so uplifting to meet so many people who were both interested in our work and keen to become part of our growing international family. The welcome we received was fantastic and the feedback from the presentations was nothing but positive.


“The only thing that would have made it better, was if my colleagues from Palestine had been able to attend in person. Sadly, due to the strict travel restrictions placed upon them, it can be very difficult for the team to take part in these events. Indeed, our presentation was entitled “Activism Under Occupation” and highlights the unique challenges faced by our team in occupied Palestine. That said, we are already making plans for next year, when we hope that our Palestinian colleagues will be able to take their rightful platform and be able to present their important work in person. We are so grateful to Frasco and everyone who helped to host us and organise events in their own towns and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved”.


20161104-conferencia-pal-22Said Frasco: “Collaborating with PAL from Spain has been and continues to be a pleasure. I contacted the organization because I saw that the work they are carrying out against oppression of both animals and people is truly intersectional; I realised that there are so many common traits of our work here in Europe and theirs’ in occupied Palestine. It is important to recognise, as PAL does so clearly, that all injustice has the same basis: oppression. And it is against oppression, in whatever form it takes, that we have to keep working and fighting.


“The two weeks of November with events in Spain have been a success. Liz’s visit was unbeatable, and everyone has been left wanting to know more and more about our Palestinian colleagues and their work in Palestine. I hope that someday the Palestinian team will be able to hear the praise and see the support first hand by visiting here themselves. “I am ready to continue helping to spread the work of PAL and to collaborate with them whenever they ask me.”


PAL looks forward to continuing to work closely with our newfound friends in Spain and the Basque country in the coming year.


Photos: Antonio García