IMG_0426Murad Mlihat is a recently graduated vet who has been working with PAL as a volunteer for the past two years. Murad has been instrumental in the deliver of the pilot spay and neuter programme for street dogs in Tulkarm, Palestine, as well as coordinating one of the groups working with horses and donkeys. Find out more about what motivates Murad in the most recent installment of our “Meet the Team” series.

How did you get involved in PAL?
My first meeting with PAL team was in College of Veterinary Medicine, University of An-Najah National University, and when I heard about their ideas and their need for volunteers I did not hesitate for a moment to join them, I have seen that such projects have a strong need for people with practical and academic experience in dealing with animals. I think vet students are a great choice to meet these needs, so I joined them.

What is your role in the organisation and what does that entail?

I am a volunteer in PAL and now I am involved in two projects: the first is TNVR project for stray dogs, where my colleagues and I are working with each other for the مراد مليحاتsuccess of this pilot project. The second project is working animal care. I work as a coordinator in PAL’s project to protect working horses and donkeys, as well as giving lectures on animal welfare.

Tell us about the activities that you plan to be involved in in the coming year.
I think that there are a lot of events and challenges in the coming days especially as I have just graduated. The most important thing I aspire to is to complete my higher education where I want to specialise more and more in veterinary medicine, but that does not mean I’ll forget PAL I will stay part of the PAL projects, and I am certain of is that the animals will remain an integral part of my life.

You are working for animals in a time when there are huge challenges being faced by the people of the occupied territories. Does this make your work more difficult?
Frankly, we are in Palestine are facing many, many challenges and obstacles that make people’s lives difficult, how do the lives of animals fit into that? Where we are suffering under occupation for 68 years on the one hand and on the other hand we need to raise awareness in the community about animal rights, in spite of all that said, we will continue to try and try until we achieve a better life for the animals.

Tell us something interesting about yourself!
Honestly I love animals and I hate to see them suffer. They are innocent , vulnerable souls which deserve to be considered and cared about. I adopted a cat about 5 years ago but my passion is working with large animals – especially horses.