Sudfeh CompTo say a huge thank you for everyone who is supporting us in our campaign to establish Sudfeh – Palestine’s first not-for-profit, vegan cafeteria, we wanted to give something back.

Starting on Monday, and for the remaining six weeks of our crowdfunding campaign, we will be selecting one donor to the campaign at random (it doesn’t matter if you have given £10 or £1,000!) and asking them to choose any one item they would like from our online shop.

If a T-shirt takes your fancy, it’s yours. How about a traditional Palestinian keffiyeh? You got it! If you want one of our handmade soaps, consider it done! If you would like one of our virtual gifts from our “Save a Street Dog” or “Love a Donkey, Help a Horse” schemes, we will make that happen.

Each Monday at 9am, a donor will be chosen which means all you have to do is make a pledge to the campaign to be in for a shot at winning.

A new winner will be chosen the following week , and so on, and so on.

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Make a pledge now!