We could not be more proud of the incredible Sudfeh team, who were featured on Palestinian children’s television programme “Beit Byout” on Friday afternoon. The show was about initiatives led by young people and the team behind the Palestine’s first ever not-for-profit vegan cafeteria were invited to share their plans on national TV.

The team told the viewers that they hoped to reduce the killing of animals for food and to encourage healthy eating on the Al Quds University campus, where the café will be located. Siham, one of the team said that, while they had initially started to carry out the project as part of their school activities, the school began to become concerned that the group were spending too much of their time on animal rights projects. Rather than let this deter them, the girls and mentor, Arore, began meeting in their own free time to make sure that their important work did not suffer.

Group member, Sham, said that her experience of working with the PAL Youth for Change programme had changed her life and the way in which she thinks about and treats animals.

The show’s presenter was clearly impressed with the team’s efforts, telling them that she was delighted to see such energy and drive in young people. She thanked the team for their caring attitude towards all living beings in Palestine.

The Sudfeh crowdfunding campaign has now reached over £6,600 but a further £3,400 is needed to make the dream for Sudfeh a reality. If you are able to support these inspirational young people in achieving their aim, we would be so grateful.

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