new-look-pal-4The Palestinian Animal League and Palestinian Animal League Solidarity teams are delighted to launch the organisations’ brand new image today. The new logo, which has been designed by a Palestinian artist specifically for PAL and PALS, seeks to  connect supporters with the Palestinian and Arabic roots of the organisation, while continuing to send a message about the groups’ important work for animal protection in the occupied territories.

The striking new logo depicts animals – a dog, a donkey and a chicken – sheltering beneath the acronym for PAL, beautifully rendered in Arabic script. The logo seeks to portray PAL’s role in protecting animals in the West Bank and Gaza; while incorporating the red, green, black and white of the Palestinian flag.

Said Ahmad Safi, Executive Director of PAL:

“They say image is everything and we felt strongly that our old logo and image did not represent PAL in the way would have liked. It was vital that we incorporated both Arabic script into the brand to really drive home that we are a locally-run organisation. It is common for supporters to innocently believe that PAL is an international organisation working on the ground in Palestine. We are proud to be the first ever locally-run animal protection group in Palestine and we are proud that we are challenging stereotypes and preconceptions about our people. We hope that our new image helps to portray the home-grown roots of our organisation”.

Liz Tyson, Programmes Manager for Animal Welfare and Outreach added:

“As well as the new logo for PAL, we have developed a similar – though not identical – logo for Palestinian Animal League Solidarity (PALS). The role of the solidarity group is to complement and support PAL’s work on the ground. We are looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to our bold new look.”

The team is currently working on merchandise, including T-shirts, tote bags and badges which incorporate the new logo. While these are developed, all items bearing the previous logo in the PAL online shop are on sale. Once they are gone, they are gone!

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