We are heartbroken to tell you all that sweet Olive passed away after a brief illness on the 18th September.

Those of you who followed Olive’s story will know that she was found, left for dead, by the side of the road. Both of her ears had been mutilated and she had a serious infection in her eyes which made her almost blind. She was emaciated and terrified. Just under two months ago, the vet team from An Najah vet school took Olive into their care and began nursing her backto health.

During these weeks, Olive began to build trust and confidence. She made friends (both human and canine), she ate well and looked to be recovering well from her trauma. One young vet in particular, Malek Balloot, took Olive on as his charge and spent hours each day caring for her, taking her on gentle walks and accompanying her when she wanted to sit in the sunshine. Her calming presence was a joy and her ability to trust after the horrors she had endured testament to her spirit.

On the 17th September, Olive began to show signs of a viral infection. She stopped eating and became very sick, very quickly. The vets fought to save her life but, the following morning in the early hours, she passed away.

Olive was estimated to be around 7 years old; an incredible age for a street dog in Palestine, where the average lifespan is just 1.5-2 years old.

Olive endured suffering that no-one should ever have to experience, but we can take solace in the fact that her last few months of life were filled with the love she deserved. She did not die alone and afraid; she passed on in the company of people who she trusted and who cared for her.

We cannot thank our colleagues at An Najah enough for the efforts they took to save her life and for the love and care they gave her in her final weeks.

Rest in Peace sweet Olive.