img_3784On the 30th September, our team at the TNVR facility at An Najah University in Tulkarm discovered a box dumped outside their door. The box contained six puppies – three males and three females. Dubbed the “Tulkarm 6”, the puppies were in good health but no-one knew where they came from, or where their mother was.

Our team took them on and have committed to caring for them until they are old enough to be vaccinated and neutered. They will then endeavour to find the six little siblings their forever homes. Anyone working for an animal NGO knows that you don’t get to plan who turns up on your doorstep and providing long term care for these little mites takes time and resources. These puppies are just some of the dozens who have been left in the care of our team. Some puppies have been dumped, like the Tulkarm 6, and others were born in the TNVR centre as a result of pregnant dogs being trapped as part of the TNVR programme and the puppies then being cared for until they are old enough to be spayed and released.  If you are able to donate to our “Save a Street Dog Scheme” to support the Tulkarm 6 and others like them  – we would be so grateful! Thank you!

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