Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals

We are thrilled to announce Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals, a three-day international conference hosted by Palestinian Animal League (PAL) at a location to be announced, in occupied Palestinian territory, from May 3 through May 6, 2018.

Since 2011, Palestinian Animal League has been revitalizing and reframing the animal liberation movement. Operating within a settler colonial context, the work of PAL challenges not only the systemic abuse of animals under occupation, but the theft of native Palestinian land and life, both human and nonhuman, and the legitimacy of the Israeli settler state as a beacon of progress for animals or the animal liberation movement. For PAL, animal liberation cannot be divorced from anti-colonialism, Palestinian liberation and solidarity, and defense of the land and all the lifeways that it supports.


So this will not be a traditional conference. It will focus on the shared struggle for land and liberation for all species in occupied Palestine. It will advance the work of international solidarity and the intersections with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.  It will challenge the narrative that settler states are anything but destructive for animals and the land, and provide insight into the specific work of animal liberation in settler colonial contexts. It will challenge the propaganda of Brand Israel and the international vegan-washing phenomenon that justifies the brutal occupation of Palestine in the name of animal advocacy. It will undermine Islamophobia,  xenophobia, and anti-Arab racism in the animal rights movement. It will demonstrate how white supremacy and settler colonialism are connected to animal exploitation and ecological devastation across the world.

PALDespite border militarization, land theft, dispossession, war, and brutal occupation, Palestinians strive to provide proper care for all beings. By suffering through common struggles, Palestinians unite to seek better living conditions. This conference aims to raise awareness on animal liberation and protection within the context of occupation. We witnessed this movement around the world and it has been a dream of PAL to implement it within Palestine by acknowledging the rights of all beings.

We in PAL believe in equality and having the basic right for life. Palestinians struggle through daily abuse corresponding to the treatment of animals. This common feeling makes the need for change that much more crucial and important. Your experience with us will be unique and filled with new beginnings. You will gain newfound memories, develop a strong network with fellow participants, and have an urge to join this international movement. We will ensure that this conference transcends beyond workshops and talks. It includes tours to three cities that have been essential in developing our work and are important to see when visiting Palestine: Bethlehem, Jericho, and Ramallah. If you are interested in applying for this critical, unique and unforgettable experience, please fill out the application on our website. Our platform is also open to anyone who would like to present and if you would like to take the opportunity to be part of sponsoring our conference, feel free to contact us at

We hope you will join our cause and experience Palestine and all of its life with us!

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