Not only is it an association but a family.

I got introduced to PAL through my schools’ morning chapel on Mondays. And what I liked about the association was the humanity it comes with taking care of homeless animals. Where members of this association treat sick and injured animals free of charge. They also provide food for those animals and distribute it around the city in order for other animals to eat clean, poison free food. My experience first started with PAL two years ago.

For my first meeting I felt anxious and nervous, however I blended in a lot faster than expected and felt comfortable sharing my ideas. A few of the activities that were my idea, was to create a social club at the Friends Boys School to spread awareness about how to deal with animals and the environment. Another activity we did was collect letters from students and sent them to students in Gaza. A few of the people that were on my team were Nicole Kort, Maya Tanous, and Malak Atyani. I also did an activity that was called “Express yourself while helping animals” which was making houses for animals from recycled materials and drawing and painting on them things that were symbolic and meaningful to us. We used to also tour around Ramallah in order to put clean food around the streets for the hungry animals. We also did many awareness sessions with different schools around Palestine.

Last but surely not least the hardest accomplishment of this year was opening the clinic which has taught me a lot. I got to work along with a vet and learn how to treat animals when they are infected. As I said before not only is it an association it’s a family that encourages people to participate in activities that helps the development of our society..