By: Ahmad Safi

A round of applause, a standing ovation to the most respected army in the world. We will re-publish the article, that was published seven years ago, again and again, by journalist Veneza O’Brien on the current news and affairs website DW titled “The Israeli army is studying the creation of corridors to move animals through the wall

Especially at this time, which has seen the destruction of 12 buildings and threatened to demolish 100 other homes in the hums valley in Jerusalem, uprooted its residents and forced them to pay the price of the demolition of their own homes all because of their proximity to the apartheid wall .

We do not have the ability to explain all this contradiction in this small area in the world, seven years ago the Israeli army claimed that it will create corridors in the apartheid wall where animals can move freely through the wall, that is the internal seasonal migration of animals that travel between the seasons in Palestine, a movement that lasted for thousands of years, stopped in 2002 when the occupation began the construction of the wall, stopping life from its natural flow, ruling out both humans and animals outside of the wall. I do not know what was the goal of publishing that article since what it said was not implemented so far, was it part of the media propaganda to promote the occupation as a humane occupation. The article is a strong recognition from the occupation itself on the dangerous effects of the wall on the environmental life in Palestine, until now and since its construction we have not witnessed any real demands from any animal welfare organization in the occupation state demanding for the wall to be removed, not for the humans but for the sake of the animals, no one has ever dared to do so. Any activity from their side was confined to demonstrations and marches in Tel Aviv.

At the same time, the occupation threatens to demolish 100 houses and displace its residents leaving them homeless and without shelter. These houses are located in areas classified as (a) under the Palestinian security and civil supremacy. The extent of disregard for Palestinians rights is seen clearly in this case where instead of destroying the apartheid wall (that is reinforcing the concept of a racist state), the houses adjacent to it are being destructed.

I do not see any excuse for any human rights activist to justify this action or to turn a blind eye to it and take a stand against it. To stand in neutrality is a crime, the fragmentation of rights is a crime, silence is also a crime. If we are right, we must defend every weak creature on this planet, we must care for our surroundings. The Israeli human rights organizations must take a step and stop the nonsense it calls for. The media perception of these institutions is politicized and designed to serve Israel’s image in the world.

No matter what’s the picture that they are painting, it’s not enough to cover what’s happening on the ground, nothing can disappear under the sun, so if now is not the time to act ,then when?

Where ever you are on planet earth, everything is falling apart, either as slow as the environment or as quickly as the rubble of houses. Everything is slowly slipping down even our morals. We have became singular individuals, all of our terms that we call for, about freedoms, acceptance of the other, and providing protection for the weak, is worth nothing without hand felt work, because when you take them as a whole, sometimes details are lost, with these details rights of sufferers get lost too. In these demolished houses, there are lost homes to families that have memories and stories, that used to feel safe and happy just like you .