Established in 2011, the Palestinian Animal League (PAL)  is the only locally-run animal protection organisation operating within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPt). Our work encompasses the delivery of veterinary care and other interventions to improve the welfare of animals; educational and awareness-raising activities with local communities (and particularly children) in order to increase understanding and find solutions for animal welfare problems; education and support programmes to promote the benefits of vegetarian and vegan nutrition, and the development and delivery of practical strategies to effectively identify and tackle the region’s major animal welfare problems.


With a strong focus on community engagement and empowerment, PAL works with local people, and particularly with children; seeing the goal of seeking justice for both people and animals as an interlinked challenge which can, and should, be tackled in tandem. Working closely with other NGOs, PAL has delivered far-reaching education programmes for young people and students; including community fun days for children in refugee camps in the West Bank and summer camps where youngsters are given the opportunity to take part in field trips to learn about the local environment. On a strategic level, current projects include working with local universities to establish the first animal welfare laws in the oPt, the development of veterinary clinics to provide care to animals that would otherwise be denied treatment and the implementation of programmes of humane stray animal population control.

Based on an ethos of encouraging kindness, justice and compassion for all, the group has ever-increasing support in the form of a growing group of committed and skilled volunteers on the ground.

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