PAL Vegan Tours


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Sandra Guimarães

I am a vegan chef and a human and animal rights activist. I was born in South America, but have lived and worked in Palestine for the past 10 years.

My role as an international activist is to be a bridge between the participants of the tours and the local activists. I take care of the logistics of the trips, but Palestinian activists guide the groups, share their knowledge and tell the stories that need to be told. I simply offer a platform for Palestinians to meet international groups, but the voices that are heard during the tours are Palestinians.

PAL Vegan Tours

PAL Vegan Tours

We are very pleased to announce our vegan tours for internationals who want to see and taste Palestine, in a unique trip that combines the political with the gastronomical.  

The image most people have of Palestine, shaped by mainstream media, is very far from reality. When tourists come to the Holy Land they rarely spend time on the other side of the Green Line, i.e. the occupied Palestinian Territories, so they never get to challenge the negative stereotypes associated with Palestinians.

We think it is time to give the international people a fair opportunity to discover Palestine and get the chance to see the beauty of the land, to taste the delicious flavours of the traditional cuisine as well as meet Palestinians who are dedicated to the struggle for land, human and animal liberation. 

The goals of our political-vegan tours:

PAL Vegan Tours

PAL Vegan Tours

  • – Meet Palestinians and get the chance to learn about initiatives of resistance to the Israeli occupation and the colonization of the land;
  • – Learn about the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people;
  • – Discover the natural beauty of this land, the culture and the delicious Palestinian cuisine, which is very vegan-friendly.
  • – Support the local economy that suffers immensely from the occupation.
  • – Share what we you see and experience here with your own communities, and explain the Palestinian struggle for liberation and self-determination where the voices of Palestinians cannot be heard.
  • – Get an insight on vegan-washing, i.e. the use of the animal rights movement in Israel to improve Israel’s image and to distract attention from the Israeli violations of both human rights and animal rights.
PAL Vegan Tours

PAL Vegan Tours

Duration :

The duration of the tour is 7 days and we will visit Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus and Jerusalem. We will be based in Bethlehem and hosted by a Palestinian family in Aida refugee camp. Every day we will go to a different city and meet Palestinians activists who will explain about the geography, culture and political situation of the place. 

We aim that this tour will be enriching, unforgettable and sure to have a profound impact on the participants’ lives.


The Program will include:

  • – Presentation of the geo-political situation of Occupied Palestine.
  • – Political tours to Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem District, Jerusalem and Hebron.
  • -Meeting with the Palestinian Animal League (PAL) team and other Palestinian activists and grassroots organizations.
  • – Food tour in Jerusalem.
  • – Traditional food and locally brewed beer tastings.
  • – Palestinian cooking class in Bethlehem. 
  • – Visit to Mar Saba Monastery in the Judean desert.


PAL Vegan Tours

PAL Vegan Tours

How the tours work?

  • Participants are responsible for booking the flight tickets to get here and also for getting a travel insurance that will cover them for the whole duration of the trip. They are also responsible for getting informed about the need of a tourist visa, according to their nationality, and proceeding to get one.


  • The guide of the tour, Sandra Guimarães, will meet the participants in Jerusalem, at a specific address that to be communicated accordingly, on the first day of the tour. She will accompany them to Bethlehem, where the group will be based, and where the program begins. 


  • The group will be hosted by a Palestinian family in Aida Refugee camp, Bethlehem. The house is simple, but offers the basic comfort needed: heater, hot water, Wi-Fi and a small kitchen where participants can prepare their breakfast every morning. Bed lining is included in the accommodation fee, but participants are expected to bring their own towels and toiletry. 


  • During the tour we will use public transportation and walk a lot. The idea is to see up close what the life of Palestinians living under occupation looks like. 


  • This is not a traditional touristic trip, it’s an attempt to immerse in the Palestinian reality and bear witness to the struggle of the Palestinian people. For that reason the groups are small, only 6 people each, so the participants can expect to have an authentic and meaningful experience.


PAL Vegan Tours

PAL Vegan Tours

Practical information: 

Date: From February to April 2019 (there are 4 tours and the precise dates of each tour will be decided later)

Duration of the tour: 7 days

Number of participants in each group: 6

Accommodation: Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem