Perhaps one of the most visible issues regarding animal welfare here in Palestine is the street-animals problem. Due to common misconceptions towards animals, religious and cultural beliefs, especially towards dogs, left these animals neglected, uncared for, and most often abused.

Since February of 2020, we started our daily feeding rounds for street animals. Every day our team would go to different locations in Ramallah District and it’s precincts. Our group of volunteers in the Palestinian Animal League-NNU Branch have also started their own daily feeding rounds for the stray animals in Nablus city (in the north of Palestine).

These feeding rounds have given us the chance to not only care for the animals living on the streets but to check up on them, we have found many injured animals through these rounds, that we were able to provide the necessary care and treatment for. 

After hearing about our work on our social media platforms, many people have participated in these rounds, some even started their own tours in their cities, in which PAL supported and provided them with food. If you would like to volunteer in our feeding rounds click the link: here

Up until this date, more than 800 animals in 5 different cities and their surrounding villages have benefited from PAL’s feeding rounds. These rounds are carried out two times a day, one in the early mornings and one in the evenings.

If you would like to help PAL feed more animals, please donate